Certified SUAS Drone Pilot

Our Drone Pilot is a Certified Part 107 sUAS Remote Pilot who is registered and certified by the FAA.

Certified SUAS Drone Pilot
Skynet Drone Services captured this aerial imagery of Boomerang Golf Course, Greeley, Colorado.
“An unmanned aircraft system (UAS), sometimes called a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot onboard – instead, the UAS is controlled from an operator on the ground.” https://www.faa.gov/uas/


Our one drone pilots can take the place of a two-man survey team. We can greatly reduce the cost of old-fashioned survey methods by flying over the job site with advanced routing algorithms to ensure our photos generate successful maps. With contour maps, RGB maps and Slope maps, your project manager will have the tools to save your company potentially millions of dollars. Let us help you create the job site of the future and save your company millions of dollars. If you are looking for “drone services near me”, call: 303-263-5614 or fill out our contact form.

Real Estate

Large or luxury properties, commercial properties, farms and ranches – no matter how large your properties are, we can create stunning drone aerial videos and photos (inside and outside) that will surely make potential buyers look twice. Contact us today so we can schedule your projects.

Golf Courses

Our Certified Pilot is also a PGA member. You’ll get the absolute best shots, best video because our pilot loves golf. Who better to capture your golf course, all 18 holes, than a pro? Contact us today before the green grass fades in Colorado or other winter states. Read about all the industries we serve. Contact us today to discuss the details of your project: click here to fill out our contact form.