Drone Data Capture Missions

Start thinking of your aerial video and photos as more than “just” video and photos of your workplace from seen from a bird’s eye view. Instead, these are really: Drone Data Capture Missions.

As the business owner or manager who’s thinking of utilizing drones, start thinking of drone services as a way to increase revenue, increase efficiency, improve safety and many other uses – all because we’ll be providing for you: Drone Data Capture Missions, which provide data you can use to solve problems.

Yes, it is really cool to see your job-sites or farm or whatever you’re capturing on video from that sky-high vantage point. However, you are just getting started with how drones, a.k.a. sUAVs, can work for your company.

For example, a construction company can utilize our Drone Data Capture Mission service by hiring us, Skynet Video Drone Service. We’ll fly your work site with our special mapping software to capture imagery in 2D and 3D on a daily or hourly basis. We provide the data in PDF, TIF or LAS. You and other company stakeholders can view data in the cloud. It will be archived, too.

Your construction supervisor can then base decisions on data. No more guessing. No matter how many years of experience your supervisors have, there is still human error in guessing. With our software, we can provide data that takes the guessing entirely out of the profit equation.

Example: Construction

Your project manager can view a high-resolution aerial map –but that’s just the beginning of what we provide. We’ll coordinate your entire team’s tasks with the information provided by our aerial map and that’s when the value of our work explosively increases. For example, right now your employee manually guesses how many vehicles he can park on a lot or staging area. But what if we could take away the guesswork?

Another example: fill dirt. We can measure the volume of fill by using our high-resolution 3-D aerial map software. We can tell your foreman the volume of a dirt stockpile so he’ll know if he has to have more fill brought in next week. No need to hire a survey team. We’ll provide the high-resolution 3D point cloud; import that point cloud into Autodesk software and save your company money and time.

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Another example of how Drone Data Capture Missions Saves Cost, Time and Improves Safety:

Our FAA Certified Drone sUAVs Pilot can capture aerial video of disaster sites to save time, cost and improve safety.