Aerial Imagery Weld County Agriculture

Aerial Imagery Weld County Agriculture: Drone Video and Drone Photos, Captured September 2016. Before harvest time, we wanted to capture the beauty of one of the many farms in Weld County, Colorado. This aerial imagery was photographed by Skynet Drone Services’ certified Drone Pilot in Greeley, Colorado.
The conditions were perfect. Little to no wind. Sunny skies with a few clouds. In one of these photos, you’ll see the Rocky Mountains to the west of Greeley. The Rocky Mountains are only about an hour’s drive from here.

Located in northern Colorado, Weld County is one of the top 10 richest in agricultural products in the U.S., according to the Weld County Department of Agriculture.

“Weld County is an agricultural empire of 2.5 million acres of which 75% is devoted to farming and raising livestock. Weld County is Colorado’s leading producer of beef cattle, grain, sugar beets, and is the state’s leading dairy producer. Weld is the richest agricultural county in the United States east of the Rocky Mountains, leads the state in the value of agricultural products sold, and is typically in the top ten richest overall nationally. Farming

There are over 3,000 farms in Weld County. Over 20% of the farms have annual sales in excess of $100,000. In total, Weld’s agricultural products annually create over $1 billion of market value.

Fertile fields of green can be found in every part of the County. Every year over 875,000 acres of cropland is planted each year. Of the 875,000 acres, over 300,000 acres is planted with irrigated crops annually.

The state’s ideal climate, ready feed availability and quality water make it an ideal dairy state. The state is now the 16th largest dairy state in the nation; Weld County is now the 21st largest dairy county in the nation and is expected to increase production in the coming years.”

Weld County Agriculture Drone Aerial Imagery